Walk through of the piece without sound.

"The Shape That Love Takes" with a more high pitch sound, metallic sound and lighting with images by  John Steiner.  The lighting would be in small box like floor units that would cast shadows and project images onto the walls.  The sound scape is a mixture of found sounds. 

"The Shape That Love Takes" with a 'darker, deeper sound.  This is the first rendition of the walk through with sound.  My daughter, who is half African (her dad is from the Tuareg people of the Sahara) created this sound piece to go with the work.  

"Take Back That Power"

This the front view of a large cross-cut saw that I found in a tool salvage shop.  The base is a found piece at a shipyard in Boston and was converted to a stand for the saw by the shipyard crew. The saw itself also has holes drilled into it so that I could sew pieces of clothing and paper collage elements onto the work using thread and lashings from sailcloth making traditions.  The middle black section has a piece of women's dress found in a thrift store with ruffles.

Back view of "Take Back That Power"

"Break Out of That Damn Place and Dance!"

This piece is made from the discarded riding boot of my youngest daughter.  It is place in a shoe makers form and working block.

"The "Night Traveller's' Gift"

This work references a poem by Mary Oliver (The Night Traveller).  The piece was made from the left over stool I constructed for my first residency and pieces from all the pieces made from my MFA time.  Everything has been sewn together - collage, bits of painted moving blankets, a found hand broom, nails and fabric I designed and had made in Morocco.

"My Shadows Let Out of The House"

This work is constructed from large sheets of 1" thick industrial felt, copper tubing wrapped in fabric and stitched into the felt for structure.  Pieces of past residency forms made from moving blankets are sewn onto the edges.

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